Sunday, September 11, 2011

Just something that I found.....

Lately I have tapped back into my inner Zelda-nerd.  Fanart and other Farore's Melody (remember this?? :P) may very well be a reality in the near future.  Keep checking my deviantART. :]

I am not a frequent YouTuber, I just go there to look up lyric videos occasionally.  But last week I was watching some Zelda-related vids and found a full-length fan-film called The Legend of Zelda: The Triforce Prophecy.  A dude by the name of Scotty Whitehurst heads the project as director, writer, and also stars as Link.  And yes, he is a lot hotter than the guy from’s 2008 EPICLY FAKE movie trailer (*deep, agonizingly slow breath*…AUGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!! …Ahem.  Ok.  Frustration out.)

So, is this fan movie worth watching?  I watched all thirteen parts (each is roughly 8 minutes; the entire movie is about 120 minutes long) plus the blooper reel and “making of” vids.  And yeah, I think it’s pretty good.  It has a lot of humor, a developing relationship between Link and Zelda (here you can see some inspiration from the old cartoon—Well excuuuuuuse me, Princess!  I laughed so hard.), and the music selection is spot-on.  The special effects are great, considering that’s it IS a fan film.  The acting is good; I wasn’t expecting to be impressed there.

Yeah, I think it’s worth watching.  You’ll at least get a laugh out of it, I promise you that.  Go check it out.

Here’s the link (HA I almost capitalized “link” there XD) to the videos at Scotty’s YouTube channel: The Legend of Zelda: The Triforce Prophecy” on YouTube

…Aaaaaand, if you’re really that lazy: here, just click the play button below to watch Part One.  You’re welcome.

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