Sunday, September 5, 2010


Hey everyone, here’s a little something to get you curious about my book. ;) I will post the Prologue and Chapter One in my gallery at deviantART on October 10th, followed by a subsequent chapter every other week. You can read the summary there as well:

Enjoy the excerpt, and please send me your comments!

(NOTE: The indentations were lost in the copy-paste journey, but I will fix that problem before I post them at dA. :))


A dark, dismal abyss. It was like wandering aimlessly in a black box that stretched as wide as infinity. Then, out of nowhere, a huge castle manifested, with a town, a gate. But not a soul in sight. Risten was standing in a field, alone. She looked around. Everything was black and white. Up in the sky, she could barely discern the shape of a dark cloud hovering over the castle. Suddenly the mass lunged, down into a window on the eastern tower.

Risten started running towards Epsilia, as fast as she possibly could. Her mind was racing, her heart thumping loud and heavy in her chest. For what, she didn’t know. She simply had an ominous feeling that pulsed with the fire in her veins. She dashed through the town, knocking over several carts, barrels, and such. Still nobody in sight. She burned down the castle gate with her fire. There weren’t even any soldiers. As she ascended the steps, she began to feel very dizzy.

Risten… It was Derek’s voice. It sounded broken, afraid, pleading. Risten…please…I…it was a misunderstanding… He was saying. Risten tried to communicate back to him, but she couldn’t. Why was he shielding his mind from her? She continued to ascend the steps. Shoving the large entry doors open, she looked around for any sign of movement. Nothing. She couldn’t sense a thing. Adrenaline electrified her every movement, flames emitting from her hands impulsively. She headed for the eastern tower, rushing up the spiraling staircase. She couldn’t see anything but the continuous steps before her. The walls of the tower were nothing, simply leading back down into the empty abyss. Again she tried to communicate with Derek, but still to no avail. She heard loud bangs and thuds and indiscernible voices from the room above her.

She reached the top of the tower, and found that the door was bolted. She snorted loudly. You think you can keep me out?! Torches of flames shot out of her palms, engulfing the door. When the smoke cleared the door had barely been burned, despite being made of wood. Risten fell back as a terrible scream came from behind the door. It was Derek. Furious and terrified, her eyes stinging with tears, Risten ran into the door with her full strength, causing a small dent in the grain of the wood. A weak spot. She slammed her fist into the dent, and the wood splintered and formed a large hole. Reaching inside the hole, she unlocked the door.

It looked as if an intense fight had occurred shortly before she got there. Furniture was knocked around, scattered about the room with torn pieces of the tall window’s drapery everywhere. Three of the four posts of the curtained bed where broken in half. And standing in front of the window was a black-and-white version of Risten. This Risten looked as terrified as she was, and tears streamed down her blood-smeared face.

“DEREK!!!” Risten screamed, rushing to the bed. She lifted one of the posts and threw it across the room with curious strength. The fake Risten just watched, sobbing her heart out. Risten had never heard herself cry so hard. Pushing the curtain aside, she found Derek lying there, limp and lifeless, with Risten’s own blade pierced through his chest. His blood, the only trace of color in this world, drenched the white sheets on the bed.

Risten turned around when she heard an echoing, unnatural wail from behind her; her clone was wasting away in towering mass of monochrome flames.

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